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All About Eye Makeup!

How To Properly And Beautifully Apply Eye Makeup

Natural Beauty

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When it comes to natural beauty, every woman is blessed. If you don’t believe that fact when you first wake up in the morning, it’s time to start believing in yourself. True beauty comes from the inside, and you have it. Some women are under the false impression that makeup is what creates beauty. This is simply not true: you are beautiful. Those extra colors and powder are simply there to enhance what is already there, but when done properly the result can be astounding.

Eye makeup
, in particular, can help you to feel more confident about your already beautiful appearance.  There is something very special about a fresh coat of mascara and a soft coat of eye shadow that can help your eyes to shine. Here are a few tips to help your naturally beautiful eyes stand out.

Start Clean

Whenever you plan to put something on your face, it can be very important to start clean. Your hands and face should be properly cleaned before you begin to ensure that you are not spreading dirt and unwanted oils. You don’t want to dry your face out, but a gentle cleanser may do just the trick. Make sure to clean away leftover residue from the previous day.

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As soon as your hands and face are clean, you may want to rub a little moisturizer over your face. Make sure not to overdo it because there is nothing worse than an overly greasy face. Also be careful to avoid putting moisturizer on areas that are already prone to excess moisture, such as on your eyelids.

Color Tone

Unless you are very lucky, you probably have circles under your eyes. Concealer can be very helpful in this area, giving your eyes a smooth color tone to begin with. Apply just a small amount below your eyes, using either your fingers or a brush to get a good blend.

Eye Shadow

When it comes to eye shadow, you have many options. Depending on your particular preference, the time of day, and particular event, you may want to consider different colors of eye shadow. There are three general eye areas that will likely require attention. Here are a few guidelines to follow.

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  • Use a medium color, such as medium pink or a lighter brown, on your eyelids.
  • To highlight your brow bones, use a light color that will match the color tone of your eyelids.
  • On the crease of your eyes, use a darker color to provide a natural appearance.


Mascara, when applied properly, can be a perfect finishing touch to your eyes. When applying mascara, start at the base and move upward. Many individuals use mascara only on the top lashes. Mascara on the lower lashes will produce a more dramatic effect.

Once you learn how to properly apply it, your eyes can receive a natural and beautiful enhancement with your eye makeup.